About Scenic Art and Design

Scenic Art and Design was founded in Pretoria in 1985 by Eloise and Peter Millward after having worked as as set painters at the (now) State Theatre.


The couple has since worked in South Africa and other countries as artists and designers on various projects, including stage and film sets, corporate launches, murals for private homes, restaurants, hotels, shops and corporate buildings.


They also specialise in mould making and the manufacturing of props, decor and camouflaged structures from fibre glass and concrete, including rock facades and water features.


Scenic Art and Design has manufactured a vast amount of artificial trees for cellular companies wishing to camouflage their masts.


Their son, Sam, who joined the family business as an artist, is also an accomplished and sought after jewellery designer and manufacturer who learnt his trade in Argentina.


Contact us




Eloise: (+27) 82 466 4157

Peter: (+27) 82 459 2201